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    Your New Hospital

    Photo of the Chief Administrative OfficerDear Neighbor,

    The new Sutter Medical Center will usher in a higher quality standard to Sonoma County with a dynamic, state-of-the-art, $284 million hospital. Every aspect of quality care that patients and their families experience today at Sutter Medical Center will be enhanced in the new facility.

    Sutter Medical Center’s mission is to deliver the highest quality of care for patients. At our current Chanate facility, dedication to quality and excellence in health care by our physicians, nurses, and staff has earned Sutter Medical Center national recognition and numerous awards including:

    • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ranked Sutter Medical Center in the top ten percent of America’s hospitals on eight of ten critical measures.

    • Sutter Medical Center was one of only 40 hospitals in California to receive the Certificate of Excellence by the California Hospital Assessment and Reporting Taskforce.

    • HealthGrades ranked Sutter Medical Center among the top five hospitals for cardiac surgery in California and among the top ten percent nationally for cardiac surgery.
    Every aspect of 21st century health care is woven into the fabric of the new hospital, from the use of electronic health records, to advanced imaging technology and green-building designs. The new Sutter Medical Center will open in 2014 and is designed for delivering 21st century patient-centered care excellence as our highest priority.

    The new hospital’s single-patient rooms facilitate providing superior patient care, privacy, and comfort. In addition to the latest monitoring and equipment capabilities in every room, each has patient-controlled temperature and sound control and every room is designed to allow a family member to spend the night, if needed.

    Rapid advances in health care, treatments, and technology require hospitals of the future to be adaptable and flexible. Advances in technology, pharmaceutical treatments, and minimally-invasive surgical procedures have already created a shift away from inpatient hospital care to significantly reduced and eliminate hospital stays.

    The new Sutter Medical Center incorporates the ability to adopt emerging new, advanced treatment procedures and technologies as an important element of the hospital’s design.

    Best of health,
    Signature of Chief Administration Officer
    Mike Purvis
    Chief Administration Officer